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Bedtime Stories

Title: Bedtime Stories
Rating: PG
Challenge: # 1 Hamunaptra
Content Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Words: 100

"Tell me again, Poppa," Evy begged, dark eyes pleading eloquently.

Peter Carnavon smiled, unable to refuse his daughter's request. She soaked up every story, legend, and myth about her mother's homeland. Where her brother only liked stories about ancient Egypt's fabled wealth, Evy memorized everything about the dynasties.

"Hamunaptra, my dear," he began, settling between the children's beds, "is the City of the Dead. The priests of Anubis mummified the dead pharaohs in the center of the city. It is there that the great pharaoh, Seti III, buried the wealth of Egypt. And the desert swallowed it whole one night."

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