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Reply to Challenge - Giza!

Title: Arrival
Author: Ophelia
Pairing: none
Rating: G
Category: Drama
Warnings: none
Spoilers: Takes place before both movies
Challenge: Giza

Evelyn got off the train with a smile, holding her small bag. She had wanted to do this for years. And since her mother had passed and her brother was - well her brother - she had now finally been able to put her foot down and demand the right to stay in Egypt. She had even been lucky enough to be given a job by a friend of the family in a museum. But before she started that she needed to come here first. This was what she lived to see. It was the land of Giza and it was spectacular.
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Cool. I've actually been trying to think of something for this challenge but my muses have not been supportive. ^^;

I liked this though. Go Evelyn. ^-^
Thanks, it was a challenge as well. Mainly because I didn't think about Giza in relation to the characters which is why I also liked the challenge. I have one more I should post as well. *g*